Labor Day Getaway! 6 Places to go this weekend

Wondering where to go for this long weekend? Don't want to travel far?

Here are 6 awesome places right in NYC.

Coney Island

On the East Coast, we started the magic you can also find in places like Santa Monica. Sunshine, the Atlantic and a thrilling theme park will make you feel like a kid again!

Nathans' Hot dogs can satisfy your deepest summer-food cravings. Sip on a frosty beer, have a hot dog, or slurp down an oyster or two by the sea.

Letchworth State Park

1 Letchworth State Park, Castile, NY

Letworth is one of the best state park in America! Grand Canyon and Antelope Canyon too far away for you? Letchworth State Park is worthy of a visit if you like outdoor activities, camping, hiking, fishing, boating, hunting, or even riding hot air balloons!

Can you imagine how beautiful it is to ride an air balloon around there?

Can you imagine how beautiful it is to ride an air balloon around there?

Rockaway Beach

Beach 90th-116th St, Rockaway, NYC

New York's only place that you can go surfing! Taking the A train, transfer to the S, and you're there! Walking around you will find a lot of little shops and food stands, and a super-cool abandoned house.

New York Renaissance Faire

Tuxedo Park, NY

The long weekend means going to this fun festival of celebrating the renaissance era. Let's take a trip to the past, and dance with feathers in our hair!

West Indian Day Parade

200 Eastern Parkway, Brooklyn, NYC

One of the biggest parades in New York! On Labor Day, come and experience the rich and colorful Caribbean culture! 

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls, NY

Did you know there is a mystical legend behind the story of the falls? 
Have some time to take a gander at the biggest waterfall in the world. No kidding, you will only realize its sprawling beauty by getting right up close (and maybe a little wet!)

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