Tips about event marketing

Event can make impact; it has the power to create a lasting and powerful impression of all that the company can deliver. By allowing people to interact with your business, you are already connecting with potential opportunities that lie ahead for you.

But, how can we have a successful event? There are some tips for you:

1. Theme and goal

Having a theme can help brand your event. Why do you want to have this event? How do you approach your people? How do you want the event to be turned out? When you plan the event, know your target and stand in your audience’s shoes are the key to have a successful event.


2. Checklist

According to your goal and theme, create a checklist can provide a guide to organize and execute your event. Besides, having a checklist on the board can keep everything on track, avoid the task was double assigned to the different person, and your colleagues can take over your tasks when you are away from the office.

3. Timeline

Not only checklist is the key to organize the task but also creating a timeline can improve the work flow. You do not want everything in the last minute. Once you select the date, creating a timeline and working backwards can help achieve the tasks and agendas.

4. Promote your event

A good event also needs to be known! Using email, social media or flyers to promote your event, especially photos, videos, hashtag can create your online presence. Pictures are the best way to show your events.

5. Feedback

Collecting feedback from participants is the way to have a succeed event. You want to know what people think about your event and how to make it better. The more feedback you get the better idea experience you can get from your audience.

Finally, teamwork

You cannot be successful without a great team. A successful team comes from everyone’s effort from each individual’s talent and ability to their know-how. Choose your right team and cherish them.  

Photos from: North America Travel Show

Photos from: North America Travel Show