Experience Niagara Fall

In 1678, a French missioner, Louis Hennepin, came to preach in Niagara Fall Area and discovered this great fall. He was so amazed with this incredibly beautiful view that he introduced this fairyland with vivid description to European people. That was the first time Niagara Fall was known to other people from other great land.

Niagara Fall became very popular when the French Emperor Napoleon’s brother, Jerome Bonaparte, brought his wife to Niagara Fall for honeymoon from New Orleans. After returning to Europe, the Royal family brought the idea of going to Niagara for honeymoon. Until nowadays, Niagara is still one of the top choices for honeymoon. And in 1820s, Niagara Falls had become a tourist attraction.

Actually Niagara Fall is not only a waterfall. Most Canadians suppose Niagara Fall consists of two waterfalls, “the Canadian Falls" and "American Falls." According to most of Americans, Niagara includes three waterfalls: "Horseshoe Falls" (Horseshoe Falls, aka "Canadian waterfall ", which like a horseshoe)," American Falls "(American Falls) and" Bridal veil Falls "(Bridal veil Falls). The total of Niagara Fall’s three streams is 1160 meters wide (with two islands is up to 1240 meters). Although Niagara Fall is divided into three steams, they are from the same water, the Niagara River.

Niagara Falls at night.

Niagara Falls at night.

There are mainly two ways to experience Niagara Fall. People can take elevator to the underground tunnels. Another way, the most popular way, is to take a cruise to watch the great waterfalls. Listening to the thunderous sound of the waterfalls and watch the magnificent view. You will feel like you are in heaven.

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