Why Event Marketing?

First of all, China is the fast-growing US-inbound market and is projected to become the nation’s sixth-largest source of visitors by 2016 (Source: National Travel and Tourism Office). Also, with increasing Asian population, the result becomes clearer: the consuming capacity is rising and business will be flourishing.

It also means that companies and organizations need to understand this Chinese group and have better service for this arrival population (e.g. Chinese website, translation, etc.). Therefore, having service and packages displayed is essential.  Especially Event marketing is one of the best way to have face-to face engagement. It’s better to know our clients and get known by them.

Event can make impact; it has the power to create a lasting and powerful impression of all that the company can deliver. By allowing people to interact with your company, you are already connecting with potential buyers.

Reason to use event marketing

1. Branding and awareness

2. Lead Generation and the trend

3. Customer Engagement and Upsell

4. Education

5. You name it, we do it