Looking for new things to do for vacation? Ontario can satisfy your travel desire. From north to south, you can experience all different scenes of Ontario weather you love outdoor activities or urban tours. Furthermore, cultural tourism is also a great way to visit Ontario. Since aboriginal experiences, arts and culture, beaches,


Ottawa is a classical and fashionable international city. Not only there are plenty of heritage roots in the city, with Rideau Canal crossing over the downtown, that you can explore; but also the natural routes are just around the cities. By the way, you can go up to the CN tower to see the whole view of the Great Lake Ontario.

With the capital Ottawa, popular Toronto, and magnificent Niagara located, you can experience fishing, live music, skiing, hunting and some fantastic events.

Outdoor Adventure

Ontario is a paddler's paradise and a rafter's dream with over half a million incredible lakes and waterways, and adrenaline pumping white-water action. Besides, there are epic hiking, biking, and climbing adventures on unmatched wilderness trails and landscapes that will take your breath away. Feel the freedom of flying through the air for exciting aerial thrills.

Aboriginal Experience

Finally, Ontario’s First Nations' intriguing history and culture from colorful Pow Wows is a spectacular way to explore the great land. Visit Huron, Perth, Waterloo and Wellington area to see evocative artwork and have some indigenous cuisine. Witness the moving spectacle of swirling feathers and jingling feet at an annual Pow Wows such as Manitoulin Island's Wikwemikong, the continent's largest and longest-running First Nations celebration. You will find its abundance of Ontario.