How to celebrate New Year's Eve comfortably

Countdown at Time Square is a new tradition in New York, although it is not always for New Yorker. But if you really want to see the ball drop, here we give you comfortable tip:

Take cruise

That might be a bit challenging to see the ball drop, but you can see the fireworks and even the skyline!


Countdown on the air!

Helicopter will be a great option to spend your new year's eve. Overlook the building and the street scene. You might get a chance to say hi to people on the ground.

Don't like the crowd? No problem

Unless you have friends or relatives live exactly right beside Time Square. Even your office is right next to where the ball drop, no one will believe you are working on new year's eve.

Get the hotel like Hyatt or Millennium Broadway hotel, or rooftop. No stress and you can drink as much as crowded. The most important thing is, you wont get squeezed, pushed and squared by mountain people mountain sea. Good idea?


Hopefully everyone has an unforgettable and comfortable new year's eve. Happy New Year!